Life / Sunday Seven

Sunday Seven

Wow, Sunday again? Already?! Well, cheers to another week, mate. (Mate just felt so fitting for the end of that sentence 😉).

Here are my seven things for the past week. Enjoy!

1. I may be a little late on this one but Sam Smith’s album has been on repeat!

2. Waiting is so boring! (This is more of a here and now ‘thing’ – Currently waiting for a furniture delivery.)

3. School is starting soon, for those who are still in school. The nerd in me really misses it. Congrats to all those starting college, graduate programs, and even the kids just starting their journey! *cough cough* my godson is starting kindergarten! Anyway, hopefully a graduate program and I will be crossing paths within the next few years.

4. Procrastination is the worst.

5. Anyone see the James Brown movie? I hear it’s really good!

6. Feelings about Obama being sued by the House? My opinion, Obama clearly isn’t perfect but Republicans will do anything to try and get him out of office and for citizens/voters to hate him. He’s not a socialist but he believes in equality. Is that such a bad thing? How can we rebuild our nation if the majority of us are poor and unemployed?

7. Ebola. So many fatal cases of the outbreak in Africa but it only becomes an issue when an American gets it and is brought back to America for treatment. Oh Americans, what a typical response to crisis in the world.

Peace, love, knowledge.


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