24 for 24

I wrote this on September 11, 2014- the day before my 24th birthday. These are some things that I’ve learned on my journey to being 24 years old. I haven’t included everything of course, but here are some important ones that came to mind. Enjoy!

1. Enjoy the ride, life is all about the journey.

2. Spend money on what you want. It comes and goes.

3. Traveling gives you something that material things cannot.

4. We’re all just people. Even your parents.

5. A few real friends are much more valuable than many acquaintances.

6. Be thankful to those who are good to you and be good to them in return.

7. Forgive those who hurt you, for your own sake.

8. You won’t get along with everyone, and that’s ok.

9. It all works out in the end.

10. You can only do your best.

11. Cherish your loved ones, they won’t be here forever.

12. Reading is better than tv- No commercials! (Unless Scandal is on!)

13. Care for others and work for peace and equality. Join a movement.

14. The little things are just as important as the big things.

15. Enjoy your own company- take care of yourself first.

16. Make time for everything and everyone who is important to you.

17. Try new things, go new places. Never stop learning and discovering.

18. Live a life you would be proud of, take chances, do whatever you want. Just make it happen.

19. Honest communication makes everything better.

20. Debt sucks- well, the paying it back part. Thanks college.

21. Workout and eat right! (Still trying to make this one a habit. Always makes me feel better when I do these though!)

22. Diversity is the key to being a well rounded person.

23. You can learn something from anyone.

24. Trust God’s plan for your life.

Happy (belated) birthday to me!


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