Social Justice

Unite. Advocate. Change.

Lately I’ve seen a lot more people of all different races and backgrounds posting on social media about social justice issues- mainly with a racial impetus. I’ve seen videos on Facebook displaying police brutality caught on camera, pictures on Instagram showing protesters holding signs pleading for change and equality, posts from people who (sometimes) unexpectedly … Continue reading


My Current Obsession

PODCASTS! Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts. The future of my commute is forever changed. I can’t get enough! I started listening to them 3 weeks ago. All I can say is, where have I been?! I’m obsessed with listening to the entrepreneurial ones. My top 4 favorites are StartUp hosted by Alex Blumberg, How Did You Get … Continue reading


24 for 24

I wrote this on September 11, 2014- the day before my 24th birthday. These are some things that I’ve learned on my journey to being 24 years old. I haven’t included everything of course, but here are some important ones that came to mind. Enjoy! 1. Enjoy the ride, life is all about the journey. … Continue reading